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He asked, I said yes!

Some of you may have seen me mention Daniel on the blog throughout the years and this weekend he asked me to marry him! I wanted to share with you (and for myself later on) the story of this weekend. Read More

Planning Perfection: Blogs I Love

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on another blog that I love! If you read my blog you’ll probably love this one, too.

Reading other blogs always provides me with a source of inspiration and relaxation and today I wanted to share an awesome blog by an amazing lady that I’m lucky to know personally.  If you love anything lifestyle or fashion related you’re sure to love Unnordinary. Read More

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Apps to begin your workout journey

I know summer has come to an end and the time people normally kick it into high gear to get that “beach body” has passed, but for me, this is always the time that working out becomes a priority. Now is actually the perfect time to start preparing yourself for next summer. A lot can happen in about a year and starting habits now gives you enough time to be in the groove of them before the holiday season. Read More

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October Monthly Goals

Hi everyone! And happy fall! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be writing this post. I would like to introduce this series to my blog where each month I write a list of a few things I want to accomplish in the month. Hopefully, these goals inspire or spark an interest for you about something you would like to do. I know I love reading similar ones, and A Girl, Obsessed does a fabulous job with her monthly goal posts. Let me know what you think! Read More

The MacBook Air is being phased out

I wanted to share a little story about my experience recently with my MacBook Air (RIP). I also wanted to let you guys know if you’re planning on buying a new Mac laptop soon to not get the Air. I’ll explain why in a bit. Or you could just read the title, but I”ll go into more detail here soon. Read More

Summer Reading Picks

Hey all! Even though it’s the end of July, don’t stop relaxing now. I’ve picked my top reads for summer to take with you to the pool or read on a lazy Sunday.

I love winding down with a good book and I’ve selected a broad range of books so hopefully there’s something for everyone. I for one am going to try to get as much reading in as possible before the school year starts and I get busy with my last semester of college!!

Read More

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Erin Condren move in day and what planner to use next year

The planner company has hopped on an important date for most planners and dubbed June 26 “move-in day.” It’s when people can start moving into their new Life Planners.

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Tome Topple and Christmas

So last year it felt like Christmas came late and people weren’t as into the spirit of it as I remember them being in the past. But this year is completely opposite. Everyone is decorating and revved up. My family, who normally doesn’t get their tree until the first or second weekend in December are getting it within the next few days. It kind of seems like everyone just needs that joy and kindness this year and I’m super happy about that.  Read More

The Planner Community

Although I haven’t had much time to post recently (Editor-in-Chief of the paper and 16 credit hours at school is incredibly difficult) I haven’t felt separated from the planner community. On every type of social media the planner community is present. So every day I’m inspired by all the beautiful, creative, and functional ways people use their planners and it motivates me to keep using my planner which has been my saving grace through everything I’ve been doing. I wanted to share some of my favorite groups and people with you so you can stay inspired too!  Read More

A New Semester: School Organization

Hi! A new semester just started for me and my schedule is pretty dang full this year. I know most people have just recently started their spring semester if they’re in college, or are back at it in high school so I thought I’d share my school organization and how I get prepared for a new semester. Read More